Find the Parent Support You Need With CHP

Find the Parent Support You Need With CHP

Post Date: Nov 22, 2023
Parent Support

When you are raising children, there’s a lot going on with constant changes and moving pieces to keep track of. Having a support system can do a lot to relieve the stress that comes with this phase in life. Community Health Partners offers programs to give parents the help they need for them and their families to thrive.

School-based health centers

As a parent, staying on top of your child’s preventative care and regular healthcare visits can be difficult and expensive. CHP’s school-based health centers offer healthcare on an income-based sliding scale, sometimes with clinics right on their campus. The Panther Clinic inside Belgrade Middle School offers free sports physicals and assistance with easy enrollment into public insurance if you qualify.

Parent Liaisons

Through the Parent Liaison program, parents with a child in Washington, Winans, or East Side School in Livingston can find free support. It can be overwhelming with kids in school, keeping track of milestones, making sure they’re developmentally on track, and searching for resources to help.

Parent liaisons are there to listen to you and hear what you’re going through. They will explore your questions with kindness and then help you find resources and get the answers you need. Talk with a liaison on the phone, or have them meet you at school or at a coffee shop. Subscribe to the CHP newsletter for more information about upcoming workshops and available resources for this program and others.

Parents as Teachers

Any family with a 0 to 5-year-old in West Yellowstone or Park counties is eligible to benefit from the Parents as Teachers program. Home visits through this program include an activity on the floor including the parent and child, as well as a discussion between the parent and the home visitor. The home visitor also brings an age-appropriate book for your child and does a screener or two to check in on your child’s development. They can also refer you to any community resources that might benefit you and your family.

Adult Education

When you’re raising kids, their needs come first. But it’s important to remember that caring for your children isn’t just about their development. Part of showing up for them is taking care of yourself and your growth. By creating opportunities for yourself, you create them for your kids as well.

Livingston and West Yellowstone adult education programs through CHP give you access to free, personalized tutoring for the HiSET (high school equivalency test). You can also get career support, help applying for college and financial aid, professional certificates, help studying for the driver's license exam and help finding apprenticeships.

Behavioral Health

Raising kids can be very rewarding, but no one says it’s easy. Sometimes, you need to help yourself to help your kids better. Behavioral Health services through CHP can help kids and parents too. Grappling with addiction or the curve balls that life throws at you isn’t always simple. And it’s better to find help where you need it. Zoom and phone sessions are available when you need them.

CHP strives to provide affordable care to anyone who needs it, regardless of ability to pay. To access CHP services, reach out to one of the clinics in Bozeman, Belgrade or Livingston for more information, or contact the program directly.