What Does Healthcare Full Circle Mean?

What Does Healthcare Full Circle Mean?

Post Date: Aug 16, 2023
Preventative Care

Community Health Partners brings together total healthcare all in one place to provide healthcare full circle. It’s about putting diverse services under one roof, bringing compassionate and affordable care to the community, and making healthcare about the whole person, not just a specialized piece of their body. Let’s look at CHP’s model of holistic care and how it serves the community in Bozeman, Belgrade, and Livingston.

It’s about more than just medical

Of course, healthcare includes appointments with your primary care provider. But healthcare full circle also incorporates dental and behavioral health care, plus the CHP pharmacies in Bozeman and Livingston. Mental health is health, and oral health is health. So shouldn’t healthcare include all of it? CHP clinics include medical, dental, behavioral health and pharmacy in their offerings, making it easy to get the care you need to heal and protect your whole body.

It embodies holistic care

Holistic care goes even further. It includes not just the physical and mental but also your social and emotional needs. People are more than just the physical. CHP programs like Parents as Teachers and Parent Liaisons aim to provide that community connection that is key to holistic health.

It serves the whole community

This is about healthcare for all, serving anyone who needs care, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. With CHP’s approach to healthcare full circle, any member of the community can access top-quality care. Financial stress shouldn’t be behind every medical decision a family has to make. With Pathways/TANF Clinics, families can find out if they’re eligible for assistance and get help applying. And sliding fee scales based on income make it possible to get care when you need it. Contact a resource coordinator if you have concerns about paying for your medication or appointments.

It puts your healthcare journey in one place

You don’t need to worry about finding a separate primary care provider, dentist, and behavioral health counselor. CHP’s clinics in Bozeman and Livingston bring all elements of your care together in one building. This doesn’t just make it easier for your team to communicate. It also makes scheduling, planning, and making appointments simpler. That can save you time that can be better spent in other areas of your life.

It helps your team communicate

With the ethic of healthcare full circle at the heart of CHP’s mission, it streamlines sharing between all your care providers. It includes having clinical pharmacists on staff, whose jobs are to understand the full picture of your health, not just the individual medications that help keep you healthy. It means your behavioral health counselor communicates with your primary care provider to make the best recommendations for your care. And it keeps you in the loop on all aspects of your care, getting you the information you need.

If you’re wondering how to take advantage of healthcare full circle, it’s simple. Make an appointment at the CHP clinic in Bozeman or Livingston for dental, behavioral health, or medical, or to pick up a prescription. Ask about other services available at the clinic, see about assistance available to cover costs, or make an appointment for a different service. CHP is here to serve the community, offering healthcare for all. Find the care you need, and experience healthcare full circle.