Provider Profiles: Siri Devlin

Provider Profiles: Siri Devlin

Post Date: Dec 27, 2023
Provider Profile

Siri Devlin is a Behavioral Health Therapist MFLC (Marriage and Family Licensure Candidate) with Community Health Partners. When asked how she would explain her job to a five-year-old, she responded, “My job is to give people a safe space to grow.” Originally from Attleboro, Massachusetts, she’s lived in Bozeman for about 10 years now, and she does a lot to give back. We sat down with Siri to find out more about her job and how she serves her Southwest Montana community.

A background that brought her to her work with CHP

Her education and previous work experience have given her a diverse background that helps her in her job as a Behavioral Health Therapist with CHP. “My schooling has taken me into many awesome opportunities. I was fortunate enough to participate in multiple psychology research laboratories as a research assistant during my undergraduate studies in psychology. My master's degree in Marriage and Family Counseling brought me to work at CHP in a department that is so collaborative and supportive and has given me invaluable experience.”

“I have always been a helper who understood the emotions and motivations of others,” Siri said while reflecting on the personal and professional experiences that brought her to this type of work. She goes on to add, “And I am infinitely curious about how people work.” That type of curiosity certainly comes in handy when her work brings her to focus on relationships, families, and children, though it sometimes includes all ages and groups. And she’s experienced in finding new ways to think about her practice. “I love to incorporate mindful movement and creative interventions into my work as well!” she said.

Personal focus on community involvement

“I love Montana because of the people and the community connections. Being raised in Massachusetts with family from Montana, I have always cherished my ability to come to Montana throughout my life to be a part of hardworking and rural communities. I enjoy the kindness and care I have experienced while living in Montana for the last 10 years.”

Serving the community doesn’t end for Siri when her workday at CHP is over. “I have been involved in the Bozeman community through a variety of avenues including being a Child Advancement Mentor through Thrive, an Eagle Mount volunteer in the skating program, and as an active member of the MSU community throughout my years in school there as a Resident Advisor and member of our student council and in a leadership role in a service organization.”

For fun, Siri’s interests keep her active and involved. “I love to play sports, make art, perform in musicals, be outside, spend time with friends, hike, swim, sing, read, watch movies, and spend time with my cat,” she said. And a fun fact about her? She’s related to Babe Ruth by marriage!

A diverse working environment that supports the community

For Siri, the benefits of working with CHP are clear. “I was drawn to work for CHP because of their mission and values and their clear dedication to providing high-quality services to this community. As a new therapist, I jumped at the chance to work in a collaborative care setting where I can consult with PCPs, pharmacists, nurses, resource coordinators, and other mental health professionals to support my patients.”

Doing a good job is important to Siri, and she can see her work reflected in her patients. “I feel that I have done my job well due to the positive growth I have witnessed within my patients. I strive to provide a safe, inclusive, non-judgmental, supportive, and person-centered space for my patients, and I believe I have done just that.”

CHP offers behavioral health services at the Livingston, Bozeman and Belgrade clinics, as well as in West Yellowstone. Reach out to a clinic to find out more.