CHP Provider Profile: Stefanie Lange

CHP Provider Profile: Stefanie Lange

Post Date: Feb 14, 2024
Provider Profile

As an MD with CHP, Stefanie Lange has a big job. She describes how she would explain her work to a five-year-old, saying, “I help people feel better when they're sick and help them find ways to stay healthy and strong.” When you put it like that, it’s clear how important her role with CHP is. Get to know a little about Stefanie and learn more about some of the individuals who contribute to top-quality care with CHP.

A Career Journey to Calling Montana Home

Originally from the Twin Cities area in Minnesota, Stefanie’s education and career have taken her all over the country. She went to college in the Seattle area, then moved out to Bozeman for more education before medical school. She left for New Orleans to attend medical school, and her path carried her back to her roots in Minnesota for residency before returning to Livingston, where she’s worked with CHP for the past 15 years.

Her travels have been marked by a connection to the waters near where she lived, whether on the West Coast or following the path of the Mississippi as she moved across the country.

Community Marks Success for Stefanie

When asked what makes her feel like she’s done her job well, Stefanie responds, “If I can help one person make a healthier choice in their life or help them access the resources they need—food, housing, community support—it has been a good day.”

That ties into what she loves most about her community in Montana. “I have lived in Livingston for 15 years. I love that it is a safe place where my kids know and are known by adults in the community. We are a small enough town that we all need to put our town and one another first, above our individual differences and disagreements.”

With four kids who have grown up here, Stefanie has found plenty of ways to serve the community outside her work with CHP. From sports and drama to other school activities, she’s engaged deeply over the last 15 years. And her service on the Board of Health and hospital board continues to give back even beyond the scope of her position with CHP.

While off work, you might find her hiking, camping, skiing, spending time with friends, experiencing live performances, playing piano, knitting or reading. Fun fact: even with six humans living in her home, there are still more animals than people in the house.

A Holistic Motivation for Service

When asked about the type of personal and professional experiences that brought her to this type of work, Stefanie’s answer points to the big picture. “I have always felt that our physical health is very connected to all of the parts of us—where we live, what we do, who we love, the food we eat, our emotions, our social connections,” she says. “And I have always felt that good health and healthcare should be accessible to everyone.”

The connection to her role at CHP and what drew her to work here is clear for Stefanie. “CHP feels the same way I do about what good health is and how to access it. It is a place I can do the work I feel I need to do with support from everyone who works here.”

CHP aims to bring affordable care to those who need it in our Southwest Montana communities. Connect with compassionate healthcare professionals like Stefanie when you make an appointment at one of the clinics in Bozeman, Belgrade, or Livingston.