CHP Provider Profile - Rob Andersen

CHP Provider Profile - Rob Andersen

Post Date: May 22, 2024
Provider Profile

Let’s meet one of our providers, Rob Andersen, DMD. Rob serves the community in his work as a dentist with CHP. He has been providing dental care at CHP-Bozeman Dental for several years now, and he’s an important part of the care team there. Here’s a little more about what drew him to the position and what his work with CHP looks like.

What a job in a CHP dental clinic looks like

Rob’s official title is DMD, which stands for Doctor of Dental Medicine. But he gives a simple definition of his job, explaining how he would describe it to a five-year-old. “We help keep people’s teeth healthy. We help them to feel confident smiling and help keep them out of pain.” He focuses on general dentistry in his work with CHP and loves deepening his knowledge of his practice by attending dental continuing education.

The purpose that brought him here

Originally from Butte, Montana, Rob talks about where his schooling and career in healthcare have taken him. He said, “I graduated from Temple University School of Dentistry in 2007, after which I started practicing in the Gallatin Valley.”

His work now stays in touch with who he is and what he believes. “I worked in private practice for a few years, but when the opportunity arose to work for CHP, I applied. I felt like the core values of CHP aligned with my own,” he said. He explains in more detail what drew him to CHP, describing “the devotion to helping people that need it the most” as his motivation for wanting to work here.

A look inside CHP dental clinics

Oral health is an important part of overall health. You can find CHP dental clinics inside our Bozeman and Livingston clinics. As a part of CHP’s commitment to relieving pain for as many people as possible, clinics offer first-come, first-served emergency dental services to all patients during the morning walk-in clinic.

Providers like Rob care for all patients who come through the doors in need of emergency care. But you can also schedule an appointment for a regular cleaning, checkup, or procedure. These include wisdom teeth removal (on a limited basis), treatment planning for full and partial dentures, sealants, fluoride treatment, oral hygiene, and nutrition counseling. Making an appointment for preventative care helps you take care of your mouth.

The Montana community is about the people

Rob describes his love for his Montana community in two simple words: “the people.” And it’s true that individuals make up the fabric of any community. For Rob, his family is a top priority, and he spends his fun time hanging out with his kids and wife.

At work, it’s about the people, too. When a patient leaves smiling, he knows he’s done his job well.

It’s providers like Rob Andersen who allow CHP to meet the mission of enhancing community health and well-being. And as community members themselves, our providers and staff live up to the promise to welcome all regardless of ability to pay, and without judgment. Make an appointment at one of our dental clinics, and prioritize your health.