CHP Provider Profile: Kristi King, Medical Provider

CHP Provider Profile: Kristi King, Medical Provider

Post Date: Jul 07, 2021
Provider Profile

At Community Health Partners (CHP), our dedicated healthcare providers make us who we are. As members and servants of their communities, each has a unique story behind their passion for helping others and their choice to join CHP. In this Provider Profile, we get to know Kristi King, RN, FNP, a medical provider in our Bozeman Clinic.

Kristi King grew up right here in Bozeman, but her schooling and career took her to Oregon, Maryland, and even Africa. Working in health education in Guinea and the Central African Republic, she gained a unique perspective on empowering people to take control of their health through preventative education. After working domestically and abroad for many years, Kristi wanted to be closer to her family and the Rocky Mountains, where she spent her childhood. She joined CHP in Bozeman seven years ago as a Family Nurse Practitioner and hasn't looked back since.

If you had to explain your job to a 5-year-old, what would you say?

I see patients for routine health visits and when they are sick, much like you would think of a typical "family doctor." However, I am not a doctor – I'm a Nurse Practitioner! Our training is different than a physician's in that we start out as nurses and then get an advanced degree. My favorite thing is to help prevent people from getting sick in the first place. If they do get sick, I like to work together with the patient to make them feel better.

What personal and professional experiences brought you to this type of work?

After college, I served in the Peace Corps in Guinea, West Africa, working on public health projects. I loved the education side of things – talking to young people about safer sex, working with communities on malaria prevention and vaccination campaigns, promoting education for young girls, and more. However, I also felt that I wanted to do more. Ultimately, I went back to school for nursing and earned a Masters of Public Health (MPH) degree. This gave me the training to serve both individuals and populations.

What made you want to work for CHP?

I was drawn to CHP's mission of providing healthcare to everyone, regardless of ability to pay, and reducing health disparities. I also love the wrap-around care that CHP provides, including medical, dental, mental health, and access to resources for housing, employment, and food assistance. CHP's approach to healthcare aligns with my own values: looking at the entire person and all of the factors that may be impacting their health.

What makes you feel like you've done your job well?

I love hearing about the changes people are making to improve their own health: A patient who stopped smoking, a diabetic who started a new exercise program to manage their disease, or a couple that got their COVID-19 vaccines. Small changes make a big difference in patients' lives and, ultimately, the health of the community. These are the things that bring me joy in my work.

What do you love about your community in Montana?

Bozeman is a beautiful place to live and work. I love the wealth of outdoor activities that are available to us here. In addition, I love to see folks looking out for one another, with a strong sense of community.

What are other ways you're involved in your community outside of serving through CHP?

When the opportunity arises to advocate for healthcare access on the local or state level, I try to be involved!

What do you do for fun?

I have two small children, so I spend a lot of time running after them in the parks and on the trails around town! I also love both downhill and cross-country skiing when I can find the time.

Looking for a local primary care provider in the Bozeman area? Contact CHP's Bozeman clinic to set up an appointment with Kristi or one of our other medical providers.