CHP Provider Profile: Christina Jamieson, PA-C, Medical Provider

CHP Provider Profile: Christina Jamieson, PA-C, Medical Provider

Post Date: Oct 05, 2022
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Our dedicated healthcare providers at Community Health Partners (CHP) make us who we are. As members and servants of their communities, each has a unique story behind their passion for helping others and their choice to join CHP. In this Provider Profile, we get to know Christina Jamieson, PA-C, a new medical provider in our Belgrade Clinic.

Christina Jamieson grew up on the Hi-Line of North Central Montana. She was first drawn to the Gallatin Valley to attend Montana State University for her undergraduate degree in Pre-Med. After finishing school here, she attended Wichita State University and earned her Master of Physician Assistant Degree. Christina took a job in Kansas, working in rural family medicine, ER, and hospital settings. Christina made her way back to Montana and worked as a hospitalist PA at Billings Clinic for three and a half years throughout the pandemic before she was happily pulled back to the Bozeman area to join the CHP team.

What would you say if you had to explain your job to a 5-year-old?

I get the chance to meet people that frequently aren’t feeling well. And I get to help them understand why that might be and how to help them feel better.

What personal and professional experiences brought you to this type of work?

I grew up watching my dad do it; he still practices as a PA in rural Montana. Being on call with dad was always part of life in my house. I worked many other healthcare jobs over the years, from a Pharmacy Tech to a CNA in nursing homes. I always knew it felt good to be able to help people when they’re in times of challenge or hurting. And I was meant to help people, and I’m so glad I found a way to do it as a PA.

What made you want to work for CHP?

I appreciate the mission of CHP and the way they try their best to support their patients in multiple avenues of healthcare. They treat more than just the presenting problem with their holistic approach to healthcare. Even if it is outside of the healthcare realm, we want to help the person. That aligns with my belief system as a person, so it was a natural fit for me. CHP understands that for people to get the help they need, sometimes it starts with someone helping the patient fill out a medicare application, and they have staff available to provide that kind of support.

What makes you feel like you've done your job well?

When I know I’ve done the best of my ability to listen to people and try and meet them where they’re at for whatever their needs may be.

What do you love about your community in Montana?

I love that the community includes my family since they all live here in Montana. And Montana has always felt like home for me, so there’s a sense of comfort in just being here. When you grow up here, in an inviting community like the one I’m from, you develop a unique work ethic and attitude on life, and that’s special to me.

What are other ways you're involved in your community outside of serving through CHP?

In many different ways, my husband and I are very involved in our church community. I sing whenever I can make an opportunity to do so. I teach pilates in my spare time, and I’m currently trying to help start community groups that support people with disabilities.

What do you do for fun?

I enjoy hanging out with family and friends. I enjoy working on the ranch with my family. I like to exercise, swim, bike, hike, and pilates. I appreciate the simple things like jumping on the trampoline after a long day.

Are you looking for a local primary care provider in the Belgrade area? Contact CHP's Belgrade clinic to set up an appointment with Christina or one of our other medical providers.