A Dental Profile

A Dental Profile

Post Date: Dec 01, 2017
Dental, Provider Profile

For veteran dental hygienist, Gregg Price, working with patients on preventive care is one of his most important jobs at CHP’s Bozeman Dental Practice. And after eight years in practice, Gregg has made a difference in many patients’ lives.

“The dental field, in general, seems to get overlooked as far as being pivotal to someone’s immediate health,” Gregg explained. “Dental hygiene even more so because good dental hygiene isn’t about having white teeth or necessarily even straight teeth. It’s about the prevention of decay, gum disease, and periodontal disease. These are issues that can affect any number of things such as heart disease to low birth weight babies. A lot of people aren’t aware of that.”

At CHP, however, Gregg has found that priorities are focused on where they should be – on integrated care between dental, medical, and behavioral healthcare.

“CHP realizes the importance of services like mine (and many others we provide) have on overall health and the organization makes it possible for anyone to be able to receive services regardless of their financial situation,” he said.

Gregg is known among his co-workers as being quiet, yet he exhibits a great sense of humor, easily relating to patients especially those nervous in the dental chair. Primarily home-schooled before heading off to the dental hygiene program at Loma Linda University, Gregg picked hygiene for the excellent job prospects. He acknowledges with a laugh that he may be the only male dental hygienist in Montana.

“Gregg makes all patients feel comfortable and connects with them on a personal level,” said Joanna Wales, DDS, CHP’s dental director. “He does a great job communicating oral hygiene instructions in a way that patients can understand. Gregg has been a true asset to CHP Dental and its patients since 2008.”

When not at work, Gregg can be found with his wife and three children getting outside and enjoying all Montana has to offer.

“CHP is just a great place to work,” Gregg said. “It’s a relaxed, non-threatening environment that also has high standards and provides me with everything I need to do my job to the best my abilities.”