MyChart Communications Preferences and New Text Message Number


How to update your MyChart Communication Preferences

I received a text that says Bozeman Health. Why?

CHP and Bozeman Health share an electronic health record. When you sign up for CHP text reminders you will receive them CHP and Bozeman Health.

1. In MyChart, from the Menu navigate to Account Settings > Communication Preferences.

2. Click the Subscribe button under the Text Message section.

3. Toggle On, Message subscription.

Text JOIN to 72321

In MyChart, from the Menu navigate to Account Settings > Communication Preferences.

  1. In the General section, verify notifications from CHP are toggled on for your preferred method(s) of contact. (Email, Text, Phone, or Mail)
  2. To review which notifications will be delivered via a specific method of contact, expand the communication concept type(s) grouped under the Details section of this screen.
    1. For example: Appointments, Messages, Health, and Billing are each their own communication concept type. You can decided which method of contact is used for each communication scenario within a grouped communication type.
  3. Within the communication type expanded, select Advanced settings to review and update how you receive specific notifications within the grouped concept type.
  4. When finished with your preferences, select Save changes.
    a. For example: Within the expanded Appointments communication concept, you can choose to receive After Visit Summaries by either email, text or both. You can also choose to receive Appointment Confirmations via email, text, phone, or all three. If you only want to receive a certain communication via one communication method make sure your preferred method is the only one togged on.
  5. When finished with your preferences, select Save changes.

In MyChart, from the Menu select Account Settings > Communication Preferences.

  1. Select Manage your subscription.
  2. Toggle Off, Message subscription

You may also reply STOP via text message to ‘72321’ to cease all recurring automated text messages.

New MyChart number FAQ's

Why is the number I get CHP texts from changing?

If you have already been receiving text messages from Bozeman Health, the number you’ve been receiving messages from will be changing so we can better serve your communication needs with expanded texting options for communication updates related to your visits, CHP MyChart account, outstanding balances, and care management.

To begin, or continue receiving text messages from Bozeman Health you can text “JOIN” to 72321, to opt into CHP text messaging. You can also control your opt-in status and communication preferences from your MyChart account to specify which updates you’d like to receive via text.

To opt-out of recurring automated messages from CHP, you can text “STOP” to 72321 at any time, or control your opt-out status via your Communication Preferences within your MyChart account. The CHP MyChart Support Line staff can also help ensure your opt-in/opt-out status is set correctly and can be reached at 406-414-5820.